First Graphene - Graphite Production

The world production of graphite was 1.1 million tonnes in 2012, more than 50 times the size of the lithium or rare earth markets. 

World natural graphite production is dominated by China, with China, India and Brazil representing more than 90% of world production. Sri Lanka is the only major producer of crystalline vein graphite (lump or Ceylon graphite) in the world. Vein graphite is the rarest, most valuable and highest quality form of natural graphite with a purity of 90-99% carbon without refining.


World production in 2012: 1.1m. tonnes

Flake: 565,000 tonnes
Amorphous: 450,000 tonnes
Vein: 4,000 tonnes

Top graphite producing countries
China: 750 kt
India: 150kt
Brazil: 75kt
North Korea: 30kt
Canada: 26kt
Sri Lanka: 5kt

graphite pie chart